Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Flower stands are popping up everywhere! I’m getting so excited to pick out and plant my flower boxes! I' actually stopped the other day at one, just to browse. I’m not actually going to buy any and plant till the end of May, so I’m sure that it won’t frost anymore. Anyway, I found a TON of beautiful flowers. Then again….that isn’t hard with me. I love flowers and I love planting! My balcony is pretty much in the sun all day – so I’m looking to get flowers that are either full sun or partial sun. I think I’ve narrowed it down to a few:



I would need to find the dwarf version though – those only grow about 10” and won’t get way too tall (regular get to be about 18”)


Lots of color and that’s what I’m looking for! :)


These actually look like “fuzzy” paint brush type flowers.

I’m also hoping my dad will bring me a Sunpatient.

My dad was able to get this in FL – and I’m hoping he’ll be able to grab another one and bring it up to me in June~!

Besides getting my little patio space ready for summer and planting - I’ve been really enjoying the birds! I bought a new bird feeder – one that doesn’t seem to be as messy as as the one I first bought. I’ve been trying to capture picture of my birds to post, but it’s so hard!! They seem to always know when I’m about to take the picture! I get house finches, sparrows, chickadees, and cardinals. I also have a blue jay that likes to visit and steal peanuts. Oh and lets not forget the nuthatches! I have at least 3 at a time at the feeder – and then there is one that likes to peck (hard) at my railing. Stinky lil bugger! Also the other day I had my first pair of gold finches!! I really hope they come back – but I haven’t seen them. Perhaps I should buy the kind of seed they love. We’ll see.



My little family is getting ready for Summer! I need to still get Dutchess groomed, but Maddie went the other day to get her summer hair do!

Maddie Before


Maddie After


Also – I discovered the most interesting thing. White Castle is selling little candles that are in ceramic White Castle boxes….and get this… smells like White Castle burgers!!! I haven’t lit mine yet….but I can tell you it has a very… “Interesting” smell! LOL :) What makes it even better...the $10 you spend on the candle actually goes to help fight autism!


Ok..that’s all for now – More later!