Friday, July 2, 2010

Enough with the Bullshit!

I've had it - I keep making excuses on why I haven't been exercising - Because my family is here... or because I have a party... or whatever.... IT DOESN'T MATTER! I don't know why I can't get that through my head and understand, no matter what's going on in my life I can be in control of my choices. I'm going to be honest. Trying to lose weight is damn hard. I should know, I've been trying to get to my goal weight since 2000. I've come a long way..once was 312lbs and have now lost over 100lbs of that.....but I'm not finished, and there is no reason why I can't finish. I need to figure out whatever is keeping me here hovering around the same 10lbs for the last couple years.... but honestly ...I just need to DO THIS! Get my butt in gear, follow the program and exercise. It's not hard. I now have no more distractions in my's just me and I need to put myself first for once!

No more being LAZY Lauren...just get out there and do it. I have many goals for this summer - I want to look so amazingly beautiful and thin in Karen and Jared's wedding....and I want to be running a fit 5k before my training starts for the Disney 1/2 marathon. Both of these goals have something in common.... LOSING WEIGHT! Yes...I'm sure I will still struggle - but I know if I can lose over 100lbs I can lose this last 50. So, I'm starting today - and I'm going to continue to use the blog to post/rant/cry over successes or failures - but either way I'm going to keep pushing. My mini goal is to lose 20lbs in 2 months - that's 10 per month (I'll take more if I can get it) I'm going to commit to doing some sort of exercise EVERY DAY - as well as stay on plan.

This whole thing starts with me - I know in my heart that I can do it, and I hope along the way I can figure out whatever it is that's been holding me back around this same 10lbs - maybe I'm scared? Scared of failing? I don’t know - I've inspired so many people to do this and lose weight...and people to start a running program... now it's time to inspire myself... Get out there Lauren and give it your all...and Shine for everyone to see.

It's your life...whatcha gonna do....the world is watching you.....

Here's to seeing you at the finish line



  1. Good for you, Lo - rooting for ya! :)

  2. Lauren, You asked me to "kick your butt" I'm gonna give you some tough love feedback...

    I've watched you over the past year or so (via FB) and have some observations on why I think you're struggling so much (in addition to all the other stuff that you already know). But first let me say that I DO REALIZE that you're a young, heterosexual woman and therefore have certain social expectations/obligations, but Lo, you live the life of a woman who isn't trying to be healthier and or lose weight.

    Maybe some people can go out on the weekends and drink/eat unhealthy food and it doesn't cause them any distress (even though it will catch up with them at some point). But Lo, you can't. I can't. I know it's MUCH easier for me at 46 to opt out of these social things than it is for you, but Lo, if you could do all that you do and still eat healthy and still exercise YOU WOULD HAVE.

    You ARE capable of getting your weight where you want it, and become active and fit, but NOT with a party-girl lifestyle.

    My life pretty much revolves around my running club, eating at home, and running. Yes it is less than ideal, but really at this point it has become my "normal" and I'm pretty happy with it.

    WW guarantees (and I concur) that we can lose our weight without ANY exercise. But, we all know that you cannot become happy, healthy and fit if you are "skinny fat".

    So working out WILL be a vital part of your life, but how about if you focus on the food first, then add the workouts? Working out makes weight loss easier, but FOOD is the issue for both of us, so put 90% of your focus there until you get rolling? How about for the first month ONLY get this part of it down? Plan meals,shop, cook, freeze stuff, TRACK TRACK TRACK...

    I know you can do this, but your lifestyle HAS to change. You may even end up with new friends, but if you get the body you want and the self-esteem that goes along with it, you'll be happier. I'm sure of it.


  3. You go girl! I know you can do it.

  4. I get what you're saying S - only I really don't have a "party girl" life style... I wish I did... my problem is plain and simple - I love food...I'm addicted to it...and even if i spent a month at home and not seeing my friends - I'd find ways to go out to eat or over eat the things I have at home.

    I know what I need to do - and that is just cut the bull shit going out to eat or eating a second dinner because I'm up late.... hit the sack earlier and add in exercise - I just haven't been determined to be so - I've been a lazy slug plain and simple - and I've just got to get back to the way I was before and actually CARE about what I"m doing and not have the attitude of Eh o well i'll do better tomorrow. I've had 1 good week... hoping for 2 - tho I haven't exercised much - I still hope for somewhat good results. I know I have my training coming in a few months and that alone will pretty much take up most of my time - so I just need to simply GET MY ASS in gear.

    Thanks for the comment though :) I know that I can do this... I just have to want it and stop being so lazy.