Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's Doing?

So - I find myself wanting to blog, but not really having anything to blog about at the moment. Life for me has been a roller coaster as of late. I'm hanging in there like the best of them.

Things that are new in my life - I've joined a really awesome church. I forgot how much I loved going and loved worshiping God. I mean all this time I felt the pull but didn't really know where I belong. When I moved last October, I'd pass all these new churches and think... wonder how their service is? I really need to find a place! Well I have...and let me say..it's pretty awesome! I'm so happy that I found my church home before Holy week too! :) I'm now attending and meeting new people and making myself at "home" I feel good - and you know last week I could say that for the first time in a LONG time I actually had a happy heart! I can't wait to watch myself grow and see how my life changes along the line. I'm really trying to live a better life - and become a better Christian.

Yesterday I got some major good things done for my little balcony patio. During my lunch break I ran out to Target - I found a bird feeder online that I really liked and I was hoping that I could get it in the store! Well, I found it! I got that and some bird food along with some extras that I went in for. I also went to the hardware store. I'm trying to find a clamp hook to clamp on to the railing of my balcony so that I can hang my bird feeder over the edge. I've seen them online, but I can't seem to find them in any stores. I didn't have any luck at Ace hardware, but knew I could order it online and have it sent to them for free. When I got back to work that's just what I did! I can't wait for it to come and I can hang it. I hope the birds find it fast! I also ordered some super cool planters. I ordered 2 of them in the "Bone" color. They actually fit on to the railing and fit snugly so that they won't fall off. I can't wait until the end of May and I can put flowers up on my balcony! We actually have a contest at the complex. First place gets $100 off their rent, 2nd $50 and 3rd $25. I'm determined to at least get one of those! Time will tell.

So I sat out on my balcony - kicked my feet up and read my book. I sat out there reading until it was getting too dark for me to see. I headed inside, cleaned up and then couldn't resist picking up the book again. I'm reading J.R. Ward's - Lover Avenged. This is the 7th in the series I believe and super good! You know I end up reading a lot of books - I've placed a link on my homepage to my Good Reads site/profile! You should totally check out and be friend me! :) We can be book friends too.

Tonight I'm having my friend Jenny over for a Biggest Loser dinner party. We're doing pot roast and veggies tonight - watching biggest loser and then just vegging out! I'm going to do my fair bit of relaxing this week as Thursday I'll be walking 6 miles and then Saturday is the 1/2 Marathon. I'll have to post pix and what not from that!

Time to get busy and get some work done!

More soon!

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  1. I know the feeling of not knowing what to write about and often I have trouble coming up with something. It is great that you found a church you like and that you are getting your balcony ready for spring. I can't wait to see some pictures!